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For The Record Podcast

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

For The Record Podcast a conversation with creatives episode 1 coming soon.

A self-proclaimed critical thinker and perfectionist, John Caldwell, better Known as Ammo Gift, is an artist, engineer, and entrepreneur.

Gift is a New Haven native who has been making music since he was 13-years-old in the music hub of Atlanta. He is respected by various contemporaries as being one of the most influential tri-state hip-hop artists of his generation, His latest project titled “Breesh” dives headfirst into a pool of rhythmic beats and expressive melodies.

Falling in love with music at an early age, you can hear traces of classic Motown intertwined in every instrumental with a new age flair. The effortless switch between bars and harmony stands entirely masterful as Gift touches on topics dealing with a close friend’s illness and protecting a business during a pandemic.

CM: Do you have any new projects coming out soon?

AG: I have a new project I’m working on titled signals. I wanted to do something different from my last undertaking “Breesh”. With “Signals” it’s more personal and I feel like you’re going to learn some factual things about me. I talk about a lot of situations in my life and just learning to pay attention to the “signals” that lead me on a better road to success, self-love, keeping a tight circle. [That was] my motivation but most of all finding all-around peace throughout the chaos life hurls your way.

CM: What makes you unique from another artist?

AG: What makes me unique from another artist is that I feel personal about it. I miss the art of the music industry and everything is So fast-paced so you never have time to truly enjoy the great songs, just the marketable ones. So, depending on the genre, the industry compels you to create what’s marketable. Once you run it dry, they don’t need you anymore. I feel like yes, it’s a slow grind to let the music grow organically but I rather create own my material and be able to create the things I like and that my fans enjoy from me. I feel like every artist deserves that and not someone telling us what to make so someone else maxes out the proportion of their cut. We need additional outlets to learn and gain Knowledge of what we’re worth as artists and what we’re walking into.

CM: What is your 5-year goal with your career where do you want to be?

AG: 5 years from now I plan to play in some band of some sort and possibly administer and produce for another artist and pass on what I Know. I definitely would play in a band with dudes who make music forever.

Ammo’s first installment “Breesh” is a great vibe with tons of replay value. We give it 4 stars for its consistency. Be sure to follow Ammo on Instagram @Ammo_Gift and download his latest project “Breesh” now streaming on all music platforms.

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