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About Me: If when you hear Hip Hop you imagine mixtapes, freestyles and all those gritty rap expressions think again. Ace Geo of Northern League is soulful, energetic yet commanding  his  music is thought provoking ,fun and timeless. When asked about his musical branding journey Ace says “the mission has always been to create timeless music that reached beyond your typical radio play”. The Northern League belief is that quality should always overcome quantity, and by teaching the artist the business behind the music in addition to nurturing their talents the result should always produce longevity. Ace has written/co-written and featured on a plethora of songs throughout various genres with over 1000 placements in film, television and video games. Since 2006 landing a production deal with Madhattan Studios in Manhattan ,New York Ace transitioned from being the artist management to a artist and writer for Northern League co-creating a catalog that would place music featured in HBO’S “Entourage” and Showtimes “Weeds” as well as a number of series for MTV and Vh1.In 2008 Northern League’s debut release Wet Paint would certify their success with songs featured in Stomp The Yard and Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion. A decade later Ace formed Olympus Music Management and Ari House Publishing to mentor and develop new artists for the OMM roster while still maintaining his own personal release schedule and creating new content. In 2019 Ace began a column for creatives in the New York based Compulsive Magazine the column titled “For The Record” focuses on  upcoming artists and new businesses throughout the Tri-State area the magazine is currently available in Barnes and Nobles nationwide. Subscribe to Compulsive Magazine below.

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